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Heze paulownia and rose town tour

Nicole Hou 2016-05-10 10:10:45
People all over the world knew that our city Heze city is famous of paulownia seed,paulownia root and paulownia stump.

And today I will tell you that our city has a very larger rose town full of beautiful roses with very good smell also made fresh 100% healthy products rose tea and rose jam.

Rose effect: Mosturizing,Improving the body quality,Relieve depression,improve endocrine disorders,Promoting blood circulation, cure stomach pain,calm the nerves,Drop the anger,Remove the dark spots on the skin,Make the skin whiten naturally,Help to lose weight,Treatment of bad breath,sleep improvement,aid digestion.

Contact us for a visit we'd love to take you to see the rose town and the fastest growing tree in the world paulownia tree.

Best regards