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2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa

2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa

  • Quick Details
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: Paulownia seed hybrid 9501
  • Certificate: phytosanitary certificat and C/O
  • Temperature resistant: -25 to +45 ℃
  • survive rate: 99% 
Item:2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa

Chinese 2017 fresh new paulownia seed shantong,hybrid 9501,elongata,tomentosa

Paulownia Species

Paulownia Elongata, Paulownia Tomentosa, Paulownia   Fortunei, Paulownia hybrid 9501, Paulownia Shantong, Paulownia hybrid   fortunei x tomentosa, Royal and so on.

Breed Routes

Paulownia planting or sapling, Paulownia root cutting, paulownia stump, paulownia rootstock or stem, Paulownia seed and so on

Get better Paulownia tree pay attention as following


1. Ground water level: more than 1.5m.

2. Soil texture: permeablility or breathability good   loam and sand soil, avoid clay, harden, ventilation adverse soil.

3. PH of soil, 6-7.5 is the best, 5-8.9 is acceptable.

4. Good irrigation and drainage systerm will be better.

5. Elevation up to 2000m is acceptable


1. Fecund and wet. No ponding and water saturation

2. Annual rainfull 400mm-1200mm.

3. In seedling period, keep the soil with good   moisture(20-40%), after grow up than 50cm drought resistant ability improve,then better and better.

4. attention please: water enough, no ponding, keep   soil breathing


1. Plant paulownia tree in sunny place and keep away   from heavy wind.

2. Try to prohibit paulownia tree under other bigger   trees

3. Density. For seedling using 0.8x1m or 1x1m distance,   for forestation 4x4m or bigger distance.

Plant with crop distance more than 3x15m.


Annual temperature 12-20celsius degree grow better; -20-+45celsius degree is ok, vulnerable to frost damage if absolute temperature less than -25celsius degree.


At the first, for paulownia seed, paulownia root and   paulownia stump, and other paulownia planting, give little fertilizer, and in the future: less quantity fertilizer and much more times.

Breeding Method

1.For seedling,   mainly by Paulownia seed and paulownia root, and the root is the better and common way.

2.Afforestation: paulownia root, paulownia stump and seedling of one or two years.

Difference of seed and root

Paulownia seed price is lower, but seed very small and light, high technical requirement, and it is hard to get better seedling in one year. Keep genn of original plant not so well, It's   easy to have a separation phenomenon.

Plant by paulowna root(vegetative propagation ), keep the nature of original species, simple technical, save work and   time, get better paulownia tree.

Work Progress

Paulownia seeds: choose quality species tree,disinfection and drying,package and storge.

Paulownia root: take root out from soil of one year seedling-then cut them-clean soil- then disinfect with   sevral drugs- washing-fumigation-trim-package-fresh keeping storehouse-arrange shipping.

Features Instruction

Features of hybrid

1. Hybrid by paulownia fortunei x tomentosa, parents   are south and north species of Chinese.

2. The hybrid species inherited good gene of the both,   has good environmental adaptability.

3. Fast growth, with medium crown, straight through   trunk, small difference between top and end.

4. The first 1-3years fast growth of height, the first   year 3-5m, the following more than 2-3m per year. From 3-4years height slowly   and coarse grow faster, 4-9years is the fast period of thickness. 10years   grow slowly and steadily. So the paulownia tree 7-10years mature, up to   0.8-1cbm per tree.

Please enjoy the following pictures and contact us methods as follow:

                    Learn more about paulownia
 Paulownia species  Paulownia hybrid 9501,paulownia shantong,paulownia elongata,paulownia fortunei,paulownia tomentosa,royal and so on.
 Paulownia seed  Lower pricer,very  light and small,high technical requirments,hard to getting better seedlling in one year.100% seeds with 85-95% survive rate.
We will send a file about how to plant paulownia seed.

 Paulownia root/cutting  Simple technical,save work and time,95% survive rate,grows very fast,get better paulownia tree.
We will send Technical guidance for free after you confirm the order.
 Paulownia stump  Very easy to survive.
 Certificate  Phytosanitary certificate
 Express we suggest  DHL and EMS,because the roots,seeds and stumps will go to a long trip through different temperature changes,quick express can guarantee the quanlity.
Please enjoy the following pictures:

1. The better way to plant paulownia tree?
Paulownia root cutting and paulownia stump, expecially for new planter.

2.Delivery time?
From end of Nov. to next April.
offer storage survice of paulownia root cutting and stumps

3. Is plant paulownia root cutting in land workable?
Yes, of course. Put whole root in land, firm lightly, cover upside by at least 3-5cm soil.

4. Withstand temperature
-25-+45 celsius degree growth is ok

5. Do paulownia planting need special soil?
No, Normal soil is ok.

6. water requirement?
Paulownia have good dry resistant, expecially height than 50cm. no need water them all the time.

7. How to get better trunk.
Choose better species, for example hybrid, and control lateral buds and trim branches.

8 how many years can be use for timber?
7-8years matured, you can start cut wood from 5years.


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