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New 100% pure paulownia seed hybrid 9501 for breed seedlings

  • Author:Nicole Hou
  • Release on:2016-04-08
New 100% pure paulownia seed hybrid 9501 for breed seedlings

Most our our customer will ask which species of paulownia is best,we always recommend paulownia hybrid 9501,please see its best features as follows:

1.Fastest growing species of paulownia can get better paulownia tree and wood/timber/log

2.Barren/dry/cold resistant,temperature resistant from -25 to +45 ℃.

3.Strong adaptability better than other species

4.Medium crown, straight through trunk, small difference between top and end.

5.Hybrid by paulownia fortunei x tomentosa, parents are south and north species of Chinese.

6.Highest survive rate up tp 95%,best choise for breed seeding

Please see the following pictures and click it for more detais.

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