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paulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 rootpaulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 rootpaulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 rootpaulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 rootpaulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 rootpaulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 root

paulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 root

  • Quick details
  • Place of origin: Shandong Heze, China (mainland)
  • Model Number: PAULOWNIA 9501
  • Certificate: phytosanitary certificat and C / O 
  • Resistant to temperature: -25 to + 45 ℃
  • survival rate: 99% 
  • Package: export carton
Article:paulownia elongata.paulownia shantong,hybrid 9501 root

About the company:

10years paulownia tree plant and export experience.

Provide technical guidance and phytosanitary certificate. 

Welcome to our paulownia platation  with our technician and show you skills how to plant paulownia root and stump.

Cell: 0086 18366003934   Wechat: nicole003  Skype: nicolepaulownia

                    More information about Paulownia
 species Paulownia  Hybrid 9501 Paulownia, Paulownia shantong, Paulownia elongata, Paulownia fortunei, Paulownia tomentosa, royal and so on.
 Paulownia seed  Lower pricer, very  lightweight and small size, high technical requirments, hard to get better seedlling in a year.
We send a file on how to plant Paulownia seeds.

 Paulownia root / cutting  Technical simple, save labor and time, 95% of survival rate, grows very fast, get better paulownia tree.
We will send a technical guide for free after confirming the order.
 Paulownia stump  Very easy to survive.
 Certified  phytosanitary certificate
 EXPRESS suggest  DHL and EMS, because the roots, seeds and stump will go to a long trip through several changes of temperature, quick Express can guarantee the quanlity.

Paulownia root in our factory

Disinfection paulownia root

Packing:1000pcs paulownia root in one carton

Our paulownia tree plantation,welcome to visit.

1. The best way to plant Paulownia tree?
Paulownia cutting of the roots and paulownia strain, especially for the new planter.

2.Delivery time?
Since the end of November to next April.
storage survice offer cutting paulownia and root stumps

3. is to plant paulownia roots cutting into the soil workable?
Yes of course. Put all root in the ground, slightly firm, cover head by at least 3-5cm soil.

4. withstand temperature
Growth -25- + 45 degrees celsius is ok

5. Do paulownia plant needs special terrain?
No, the normal soil is ok.

6. water requirements?
Paulownia have a good durable dry, especially height of 50 cm. they do not need their water all the time.

7. How to get a better trunk.
Choose the best species, for example hybrid and control lateral buds and trim branches.

8 How many years can be used for timber?
7-8years experience, you can start fresh cut five years.


For any questions do not hesitate to ask the following contact methods: 
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Skype: nicolepaulownia
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