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cold resistant paulownia kiri tree root cuttingcold resistant paulownia kiri tree root cuttingcold resistant paulownia kiri tree root cuttingcold resistant paulownia kiri tree root cutting

cold resistant paulownia kiri tree root cutting

  • Article name: paulownia cut root
  • Length: 12-15cm
  • Thickness: more than 1cm or as request.
  • Age: one year
  • Plant method: directly in pot or in land
  • Germinate rate:99%
  • Temperature resistant: -25-+45℃
  • Status: fresh, clean without soil, disinfected and sterilized
  • Latin name: Paulownia fortunei x tomentosa

Paulownia 9501 root for planting details

 Other name  Paulownia cutting root, paulownia root plants,paulownia root cut,etc

 Standard 12-15cm from top to bottom end, may produce according to customers request

 Thickness  Standard 1-3cm, may produce according to customers request
 Feature  Top end flat, bottom end with slip cut
 Plant method  Vertical plant in pot or in land(suggest), or plant in horizontal

paulownia root cut

Summary description of Paulownia


Paulownia tree is one of the most fast grow tree in the world,strong resistant ability,

good wood material, more and more popular in the world. Have been planted in most of

the countries in the world.

Common name princess tree,royal empress tree,foxglove tree,kiri tree, pao tong, etc

Purity paulownia tree species such as paulownia elongata, paulownia tomentosa, paulownia fortunei,

paulownia Kawakamii, paulownia fargesii, paulownia australis mainly distribute in China, because of the paulownia tree's wide range application,lots of new clone species researched by artificail cultivation, which grow much more fast with better features, such as paulownia hybrid 9501, paulownia shantong, paulownia FTE, plant by more and more people according to their excellent expression.


Paulownia root cut, paulownnia stump, paulownia seeds, etc

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Grow features about paulownia tree, see more pictures as following

Root germinated    

Seedling in 2 months

Seedling in 3 months 

Paulownia tree in 5-6 months     

Paulownia tree in 3years    

paulownia tree in 5 years    

Paulownia Flowers

Paulownia wood timber

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