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Good quality paulownia shantong roots cuttingGood quality paulownia shantong roots cuttingGood quality paulownia shantong roots cutting

Good quality paulownia shantong roots cutting

  • Item: paulownia roots
  • Survive rate: 99%
  • Technology supply: yes
  • Supply season: during November to April
  • Other species: Paulownia elongata, paulownia shantong, paulownia Fortunei, ST4
Good quality paulownia shantong roots cutting

Paulownia tree has many species, they are paulownia elongata, paulownia shantong, paulownia fortunei and others. Here, we just talk about paulownia shantong, this "shan", it's one of the province in China. Shanxi province which belongs to the Northeast of China. There, The temperature is about -15 to +35 degree. And windy.So paulownia shantong is one species can bear the bad climate. Like the following pictures:
one year seedling

This is one year seedlings, paulownia shantong grows very fast. 
We plant more than 1.000.000 this kind of seedlings this year, the survive rate almost 99%.
shantong roots
Now, in the last supplying season, we still have 8,000 seedlings in our plantation. If you are interested, please contact me for more information:
Skype: anna39691126

Please remember, I am Anna from China. 
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