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Fast sprout first quality paulownia seedsFast sprout first quality paulownia seedsFast sprout first quality paulownia seeds

Fast sprout first quality paulownia seeds

  • Item: seeds
  • Species: Paulownia tomentosa
  • Using: planting, breeding new seedling
Fast sprout first quality paulownia seeds

I am Anna, from China. We can supply paulownia seeds, roots and other paulownia wooden crafts. Now, let me introduce this kind of seeds.Looking at the below picture:
paulownia seeds

Yes, this is paulownia seeds, like a capsule. Do you know?
there is more than 1,000 seeds in this capsule.We will get the seeds from their. This needs our a lot of work.Then we will get this, please see the picture:
light seeds

Haha, Is it interesting? Yes, this is what we sell now. light weight and pure paulownia seeds. Our seeds is pure and have higher survive rate. 

We promise we can give you the best quality seeds with certificate and technology.

Contact me for more information:

Skype: anna39691126
Wechat: Anna18265096516
cell phone:008618265096516

Looking forward to the meeting with you in China. 

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