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China New Year

  • Author:Anna Chen
  • Release on:2022-01-18
Spring Festival, one of China's four traditional festivals, is the traditional Lunar New Year. The Spring Festival is commonly known as"New Year's Day". Its traditional names are new year, new year, tianla and new year. It is also called Du year, celebrating the new year and celebrating the new year.

Paulownia is a woody plant When it blooms, the tree is full of lavender and white flowers, and it also a faint aroma, So, about paulownia, do you know what kind of flower language and legend it has?

The legend of Paulownia

Paulownia flowers are very beautiful. Lavender and white flowers are blooming all over the branches. It looks like a white ocean. Inside, a group of girls in beautiful purple skirts are dancing.

It is said that the name of Paulownia comes from Anna paovorovna, the daughter or Paul 1, the Russian czar.

In addition, it is the Paulownia in Japanese legend. It is said that in Japanese traditional culture, if a girl is born in a family, they will plant a paulownia tree in front of their house. The paulownia tree will grow slowly. When their daughter is going to get married, the paulownia tree will grow very well, and then they can use the wood of paulownia tree, He made a whole set of furniture for his daughter as a dowry. From this statement, it extends the flower language of Paulownia, looking forward to your love.

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